While writing this article, the first name which came in my mind is of my mother. Parents sacrifice most of the things which they have just for their children. This is just because every parent wants to fulfill the needs of their children, and this gives them the ultimate happiness, because happiness is not what you got; it’s about what you can give.
Sharing the things with others, and sometimes giving our things to others really gives us happiness. This is why students are taught sharing in their school. In our childhood, we all consider it as bad, but when we grow up; we understand its need and importance. Parents also should teach their children about sharing, because it makes their mentality better.
Sharing your things ultimately increases your things.

This statement is absolutely correct if you understand with the respect of Commerce. You always get the return of the things you invest, sharing is like investing, what much you share you will surely get its return. Knowledge also increases by sharing.

If someone shared something with me, I knew that if I told someone else the details of that secret, I’d not only hurt a friend who’d confided in me, but I’d also lose their trust.

We choose the people we open up to, and more likely than not, we make that decision based on certain characteristics or attributes. But apart from personal relationships, we put our trust into strangers every day.
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