Read this statement – GODISNOWHERE.
Now take a deep breath and read it once again. GOD IS N-O-W-H-E-R-E. Got something new, hope you didn’t got it for the first time you read.
Its true that if you see something from different view, you may get some different vision. In the same way, if you think upon something from different view, you may get some different and amazing answer.
I want to remind you a scene of the film- 3 IDIOTS. When the teacher shown a pen which was invented specially to write in space, every student got stricken at gazing the pen. Then came a sound from the group from a student who thinks differently – Sir, we can use pencil in the space, it may have saved crores of rupees and the precious time of Scientists.

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There is an another very interesting story for you. Once a teacher wrote on a board a sentence – GOD IS NOWHERE, and then told everyone to read. Every student present in that class read it as God is nowhere, we can’t see him. But a boy who was called duffer by others read it in another way, ” GOD IS NOW HERE.” He is present inside everyone of us. The boy made everyone sitting their shocked. The teacher appreciated him and everybody clapped.

nowhere no where god is

The teacher then taught them a lesson, a lesson of changing perspective and its result. Do share with your friends…

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