This article is dedicated to every single girl out there who is deeply in love with such a person , who has become her sole reason to live and her sole reason to die.

“Love of your life” , who actually is love of your life?? A person towards whom you are attracted,a person whom you love intensely, a person who makes you believe in love. Well! No matter who that person is and how deeply you want that person in your life , he can never overpower you to such an extent , that it moves you towards death.

I have seen girls committing suicide just because their bf’s ditched them just because they couldn’t marry the one whom they wanted to marry, just because they found betrayal in their married life or just because they couldn’t found life after their marriage.The question here arises that what  forces a girl to such an extent that she couldn’t even found a life beyond her so called “love of her life”. Answer is simple —

. The love of her life – He  could be her bf , her husband who set a well defined trap for her , who was behind her like an insane initially when he wanted her to come in his life, who did every single fake attempt to make her believe that he loves her truly , and once she was caught in that trap , he used her like a toy and left her unwanted .there are very few girls who understands that who loves them truly & who are just using them . Majority of men today are among those , described above who just set trap for girls. However blaming man, isn’t entirely right , because it’s ultimately in women’s hand whom they want to have in their life and whom not. It depresses me so much when I hear a girl saying that her aim is just to get married to the one whom she loves,I hate it when I found a girl losing herself, after losing “love of her life”.

The very first question which strike in my mind is – “How could she make love of her life ,her entire life”,her sole reason to live and her soul reason to die

” Those tears in eyes of her parents , screaming voice of her mother in pain of losing her daughter , her brother who was desperate to fight & tease her once again, she left this world with so much of pain”

Who to blame and why to blame, blaming the boy who make her  feel so unwanted that she committed suicide?? ,But actually no, it isn’t entirely right.

Don’t you have your own mind, don’t you have your own could you give so much importance to someone,that his absence could move you towards death

Darling,you need to understand the fact, that you have a life separate & independent of that boy.You have your own dreams, aspirations and your parent’s aren’t waiting and working so hard to see you dead inside or outside.

Darling,you need to understand,that you represents an independent identity,SEPARATE from that boy,who sucks you ,makes you feel undesirable and bring out those precious tears out of your eyes

Darling, you need to understand that, your dreams should be your priority,not your love

Darling,y you need to understand that,the reason why you are here in this world today,is your parents not your love – so it’s your responsibility to live for them first .

So, for all those girls out there who thinks that losing your love is like losing your life,grow up and face this world instead of escaping from it like a coward

In reality noone deserves to be so important in your life,that he could overpower you or make you feel down.Dont make your love so desirable,that you can’t even see a life beyond that, make new friends ,never ever compromise your friends and your family for your love , make your love a part of your life ,but not your entire life. Do not depend entirely on him and be prepared for everything. Be independent,never sacrifice your dreams ,your aspirations for your love

There isn’t any point in wasting time and energy for such a person with whom you are just standing at one place and not moving ahead in your life.

Darling, wake up, make new goals, have dreams, follow them,remember that you don’t require a man to complete you , you are always self sufficient, have self respect , and never allow a man to break that ,be an inspiring women,you don’t need anyone to become that

Be a kind of women ,who could set goals by inspiring millions

And remember,that love is just a part of your life not your life , so don’t just live for that at any cost😃




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