This is quite a fascinating post, are you figuring out what you will become when grown up? Yes its a million dollar question, na wait, its a billion dollar question(you can be a billionaire also.) In this post we will analyze you way of thinking and then try to find your calling or passion or your purpose in life and try figure out what you will become. This will be a bit long but certainly get results…

1. Where you are living? Base of 100% Results

Where you’re living? not a very difficult question to figure out, We are talking about time phase don’t be confused, Suppose you are working on your skills for future job, don’t overthink for that job work today on your skills, focus on what you’re doing not you will be doing 🙂 .

Live in presentNot in future because future is promised to no one. Don’t think for future and be seated still today, live in current hour, do what you can and see life will give you chance to do something great, Today! 

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2. Absolutely Right or Wrong nothing in between

Many times we cannot decide what we wanna do this or not. Its a very difficult situation so lets make it easy, My only advice for this situation is if you find something interesting just go for it, either you will be right or you will be wrong, for example water can be hot or cold, no Luke warm is just saying word :-D.

And one more thing when you want to select between different tastes, you have to try them and once you got you favorite, that’s you calling guy, Go! You must be thinking if I went in wrong direction and then wasted my time, It takes a day to get  the thing is wrong or right, not 25 years..


3. Finding is small part But an integral one

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So, now you have to find your calling, how to do that, just analyze your routine. Which are the things that gives your heart its peak beat, Its not easy finding one, but when you find it out try it as passion, does it gives you satisfaction, If no then go find another one and let the things go on with other as similarly.

Now finding is not the end you have to improve, learn, design and work on it, to make it scale able for the market. Now let us know how market comes to play..

4. Make it to market, You need to earn, Right? 

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Make it to market, this phrase doesn’t need introduction, once you become good at something, never do it for free. So, question is how? Simple it is, Just find out how the thing you do can help others so they will be willing to pay for it..

For example, if you are good at motivating others and you have real impact on others work, do seminars, give personal guidance and also use technology go for youtube, vimeo etc

So hope this this will help you to find out your calling, passion and your purpose of life. This world needs your passion so go for it and chase it down for the sake of this world…

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