Though the world is already filled with a lot of people yelling like don’t be sad, Cheerup kid and we are nowhere contradicting them! Still in this post, we’ll be talking about what does it feels to be sad and how damaging it could be!

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What does it feels sad for long!

Feeling sad is quite normal, it’s just human behaviour a stimulus to tell you that something might be wrong with you and your life. Its really hard to define sadness as a very few times we can be both sane and sad at a time!

As a book LOST CONNECTIONS quotes following!

“You need your nausea. You need your pain. It is a message, and we must listen to the message. All these depressed and anxious people, all over the world—they are giving us a message.”

Your sadness is actually a message which tells you there is a flaw somewhere and it needs to be corrected!

There are few individuals who are sad for a long time, maybe they suffered heartbreak or a general loss in business! Maybe they are trying to behave good enough so that they might look normal and many of them get successful doing that but still some fail miserably.

It can be dangerous!!

Here are a few immediate losses they will incur:

  • They might lose their social capabilities, picking up calls, replying messages and even eating in public!
  • Continuous loss of sleep, concentration and opportunities.
  • Dying friendships.
  • Lowering Self Esteem and Self Confidence.
  • A downfall in Career.

If you’re feeling that way, please check these five ways to feel better when your mood goes down! by Diksha Jain

This post is created in term of lockdown as continuous lockdown can be harsh to people’s mental health. Do care about it and do whatever feels good! Keep Smiling 🙂