Beauty means a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. So we can say which do not pleases the aesthetic senses is known as the Enemy of Beauty. So here we are talking about the biggest enemy of beauty- “FAT”.


Every girl want a slim and in shape body because it is the fat that covers or hide your real beauty. Whether you are so beautiful by face but if you are fatty then you will not be a point of attraction. If a young girl is fat, then she always has to listen that one comment “Fatty Buffalo!” Your friends call it with love but somewhere it will tease you that why I am like this? If you are feeling that your body is gaining fat then it is a time to take an action. Maybe in starting you will feel so happy you are becoming fatty but with increasing age it will lead you towards the problems. Remember your body fitness is everything.

Some reasons for increasing fat in your body:-

  • Not chewing the food properly.
  • Consumption of oily food.
  • Taking excessive hot meals.
  • Always taking bath with warm water.
  • Eating more sweets dishes.
  • Taking more sleep in day time.
  • Not doing much physical work and more resting.

So identify your reason of gaining fat, and start working on that, Here are some ways to help you get rid of this problem.

  • Drink lemonade twice a day.
  • Stop eating such things that make you fat.
  • At least do one fast in a week.
  • Eat salad.
  • Do more physical exercise.
  • Do morning and evening walk.
  • Dancing is also a good exercise.
  • Fix your Break Fast, Lunch and Dinner timings; there should be 4-6 hours’ time gap in between your meals.

Hope you enjoyed the information and make full use of this information. If so don’t forget to share with your circle.

Authored By: Anshika Tiwari




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