Do you feel exhausted with your family? They always interfere where you don’t them to do? Or you are just think alone you are better, you have Family Problems!

Family Problems! you must thinking whats that, why you are interfering, just read and you’re going to love it…

Here is something really important to know about family culture if you are an Indian you will relate it at its best. So, you got family issues, no one understands you, no one cares what you think? Your instincts are? And what you believe is true?

Mythological Explanation to all Whats and Whys!

According to Indian myths the only God (I remember) with a family culture as todays Indians is Lord Shiva. A husband with a wife and two kids, very much similar to you and me, right? Absolutely you say. If we go in depth analysis of their life we can found pretty much similarity as our lives.

  • Equality: If we look on Husband and wife relationship there is sway of men and women equality, In case of Lord Shiva, Equality is there Goddess Parvati sits on the same platform on same tiger skin. This shows equality we must give to our housewives and sisters.
  • Conflicts: Yes, the most real thing I had read (It’s my view point). At Kailash, the place of Lord Shiv and his families, there are many conflicting things yet they have a bond of family, as like we have in our families. To be clear read the following inference I had drawn:

“Lord Ganesha, rides a mouse. Whereas his brother Lord Kartike rides a peacock. Lord shiva rides nandi, a bull whereas ambika roop of Goddess parvati rides tiger. ”

Here is an info-graphic I have got (made by myself)

As much as I decode these things I get a closer view at how my life is in my family there are problems (I accept this) but when anyone of us get stuck with any outsider, we all come to support! This is the beauty of relationship, showing it every day is not necessary, believe in it is!

Hope you got the message, remember if our all fingers were equal we couldn’t be able to simple tasks like pulling and pushing. Admire Appreciate and Grow is the motive not to hinder back everyone who hinders you.






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