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All of us know that success is not a particular stage, it’s a journey.

To be successful, you need to sacrifice sometimes the pleasures, happiness and enjoyments, because success demands sacrifice.

In this journey of life, not everyone gets success, because at the time you are going to achieve it, you think of quiting, instead of working on it a bit more.

The first step to be successful is you should be in love with your success, be passionate, have that spirit, have that hunger, have that thirst, and have that craziness inside your blood which don’t lets you to sleep, before you achieve it with all your mind.

Make yourself addicted to success, as one needs to breathe to live alive.

Next step towards success is just don’t quit and walk that extra mile, which will lead you towards success. Most of us quit when we have completed almost 80-90% of our journey, and stop ourselves there.

All you need is to be Unstoppable, and walk that extra mile, complete that rest of the journey. I know you would be tired, your mind will advise you to quit, society will say you to stop there, but don’t stop there.

Just inspire yourself, motivate yourself, ask yourself why did you walked this so much, why you have struggled so much, if your inner voice replies- “to be successful”, then my dear standup and run, if you can’t then walk, if you can’t then crawl, do whatever you can do to cover that extra mile.

The success which you will get then would be very much bigger than your pleasures, enjoyments and happiness.

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