Find your purpose! Everybody is yelling it nowadays but a very few people tell about ways to find it, you will know a few ways after reading this post! ( that’s the bonus part ) But the real question we will figure out is are you motivated by your ego or by your purpose.

What is Motivation that Drives You?

Motivation is quite a funny thing, simply a force that will help you do things straightforwardly its willingness to complete a work. Many factors can behind your motivation to work daily, but we will discuss two, for now, Ego and Fear or Purpose.

Let’s talk about EGO first! Ego Motivation

Me, Mine, Myself are sure words that signify one’s ego, the ego is about the person.

Remember the times when you were into a heated argument about your decision with your mom and dad. Ask yourself wasn’t your ego, you wanted to prove your decision right! Instead of finding solutions to the problem all you wanted to be right!

Solving problems matters more than being right, a solution is important, proving yourself right every time is unnecessary.

Our Ego control how we feel, our emotions get manipulated when someone else gets a raise and we didn’t or When someone outperforms us, he/she might have cheated or used some help.

Its the birth of another disease called jealousy, you might connect the dots now!

An Egoist always tries to beat someone and always sees failures as seatbacks! Ego might take to to heights by motivating you and gets you high every day but it just can’t sustain the heights.

Let’s talk a bit FEAR

Fear is another reason behind peoples motivation, people are highly motivated by an urge to be called successful to an extent they didn’t want to fail even once.

They see failure as an end it’s not a choice for them to fail even once in a lifetime!

They might be highly motivated but again they suffer a lot with every seatback cause they are just not acceptable when they fail and filled up with the regret of losing business or an opportunity.

Are You Motivated by Fear? 

How do you know if fear is your primary motivator? Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are you afraid to try a new project at work?
  • Does fear stop you from moving forward with a promotion?
  • Is learning a new skill too scary?
  • Do you ruminate on what would happen if you were poor, or unemployed, or destitute?
  • Is your imagination making you think you’ll lose everything?
If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, fear may be motivating you. Sometimes t you don’t even recognize it. Fear is powerful.

Purpose is our true Winner!

If you’re like most of the people out there you should have found yourself in the above two factors that are motivating you. If not then, you might be motivated by a purpose.

People driven by their purpose tend to…

  • Compete against themselves in the pursuit of self-improvement.
  • Feel confident and don’t need external validation for their efforts.
  • Enjoy competition without regard to the outcome.
  • View failures and setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Feel true joy and happiness when others succeed.
  • Understand that their athletic abilities are not a measure of self-worth or their identity.

So, Decide are you Ego Motivated or Purpose Motivated?

Here is the bonus, Read it after you complete reading this one!

How to find your Purpose?

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