The above written statement has a very deep and effective meaning. It’s not our great army; it’s not our great weapons, not a leader like Obama, Trump or Modi, but it’s the education which is the chief defense of the nation.

We the people today are no safer on this earth, because of this increasing terrorism. This terrorism cannot be stopped by fighting against it with weapons; this can only be stopped when all the people are educated. When people are not educated, they enter into criminal activities. Empty mind is the home of Devil. Children those are uneducated are misled by other criminals who force fully pressurize them to join terrorism. Children are sold for the price which is much less the price at which buffaloes are sold. We should be shameful for living in such a world in which children who are the future of tomorrow’s world are valued at cost which is less than that of animals.

Criminals didn’t fear from any person whosoever it might be, they didn’t from anything except Education, they fear if every child get educated. That’s why they target Schools, Colleges and other Institutions. Some examples are, Terror attack in Pakistan’s School, terror attack in the schools of Jammu & Kashmir, terror attack in schools were also remained closed due to this. If all the people of this world are well educated, then these would be surely end of terrorism,  and also a good level of growth.

It is not fully true that if a country is poor its members are uneducated, but its surely true  if the citizens of a country would be poor.Terrorism leads to non-education is false But non-education leads to Terrorism.





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