Hello engineer/doctor/businessman, couldn’t found yourself in salutation no worrys read on. It will give you wings, nah not really but will surely help you with a very important question of your life… Where is perfect moment? Meaning of Perfect Moment

we often get asked about our future plans and dreams, what we want to do in our future. No many of us have certain answer to this question, and that is why we copy the most intellectual person in out surroundings…right?

For example, I will be a CA as most of my friend are pursuing some kind of professional course…

Story in Context of Perfect Moment

Let me describe you this with a short story.

Once an interviewee was asked by his interviewer- “Where would you see yourself after 5 years, after joining our company?”

It was a hall, the interviewee saw a bee struck over one of the glasses on interview table. He immediately questioned back to interviewer looking at the bee. “Can you tell me, where this bee will be in next 5 seconds ?”

Interviewer said groaning “It will stay on the glass itself without a movement”

“Ok then!”. Interviewee moved his hand swiftly over the glass saying those words and boom the bee flies. Now, the interviewer was a bit confused what interviewee is trying to do?  Aren’t you confused to, why he behaved like that ?

Same question was put up by the interviewer. Interviewee replied calmly “Sir, when you couldn’t say where the bee will be after 5 seconds, then how could you expect me to answer where I will be after 5 years!!”

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What we learnt about Perfect Moment

What we learnt from the story that, Future is uncertain and unpredictable. No one knows, what’s going to happen with them in the near future.

Then how could we expect that in future, we will surely get one another chance, how could we expect that we will get a perfect moment in near future where we can give our best.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni once said in a press conference, A great batsman don’t wait for a perfect ball to hit boundary, he just prepare himself so good that he makes every ball perfect and hits boundary.

All of us might have faced or will be surely facing such problems where instead of performing our best, we waited for perfect moment and then waited more for better ones.

Wake up dude, You Only Live Once nai dekha kya?

What we need to do is to enjoy each and every moment of our life, live in each moment and make it perfect, instead of waiting for a perfect moment.

Remember what Hrithik Roshan told in his film BANG-BANG, Live your today in such a way that today is the last day of your life.

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