Hey guys, Enlightenbrains is back again with an awesome philosophy by one of best speaker and philosopher on personal development JIM ROHN, In this post we will discuss in detail about Jim’s philosophy about time management and self discipline.

The fundamental of this principle which Rohn states is there are two type of things i.e major things and minor things. Most of us spent most of our time on things which are minor and because of this we don’t have time for major and important things in our life.

Everyone now-a-days get run over by the speed of life, today’s people don’t care about anyone, everyone always stays late despite being  in hurry and when the question asked is why he is late ? One always blames outside forces like “I was struck in traffic jam.” “My car got a falt tier.” But the real problem is with himself.

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Many a times I have seen people looking at their smartphones at times when he must get ready for the office. I am not against use of smartphone, but everything has a time.

Jim speaks about in a way, Man seeks leisure when he is at work and do work on a vacation to end it on time. This mixing is also because of the men himself, he must understand he must work when he is at work and spend time with his family.

In sales, Minor things are like looking at prospects while major thing is getting sales done. If you will take more time to do minor things, your major things will obviously suffer lack of time.

Here is the video you will surely like by Jim Rohn Himself:

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