Disability doesn’t mean inability!

There are two types of people with disabilities 

  • One who fights with God, for what they don’t have 
  • One who is thankful to God for what they have 

Ask yourself, which one you are?

Nobody is perfect in this world, I repeat Nobody. Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own abilities and disabilities.

Our Bollywood has given us a much relatable movie with disabilities BALA. If you have still not watched it, you must watch it now.

bala movie poster - disability doesn't mean inability

People may have disabilities like some may be too small, some may be too tall, some may be dark in colour, some may be losing hair at an early stage, some may be thin as a stick, some may be fatter. We live in a society where people give us nicknames based on our disability. This seriously has a great impact on the mindset of people having disabilities. Such people are even discriminated against on the basis of their inferiorities. 

Such people start feeling isolated from their environment. They get demotivated which sometimes leads to depression as well. 

The movie gives the teaching at its end that, the day we do not feel bad at what people say to us, the day we laugh with them on our disability, the day we think we are also part of this society, we do not feel bad at our disability. 

There are so many examples of people with disabilities which may inspire us with their lifestyle. One of them is Nick Vujicic. 

Who is Nick Vujicic, Click Here to Read

Read two of the most influential people who made it big with their disabilities and are super proud of them!

I would like to share my own story with you all. I am also shortly heightened, my friends used to call me butler, even I was teased at my home itself by saying that I should drink Horlicks or Complan or Bournvita. The saddest thing from which I always tried to run away from was that I was always told to stand in front of our school assembly line. 

I hated that thing too much. I used many techniques or ways to run away from standing in front of the assembly line. I used to go to school late. I wore a different uniform so that teachers might make me stand separate from others. I then also fought many times with my class teachers to make me monitor the class, so that I can stand at last.

I also became the school’s minister so that I don’t even have to join the line, I simply have to guide others. But all these ways didn’t make me mentally strong and I used to argue with God related to my height.

Then once in a journey on the train I met an uncle who was even shorter than me, he told me to lift up his bag from the upper seat. I did it and was told thank you, I really felt happy. Then came a poor beggar who was even much shorter than I was selling toys on the train and he was much happier with his job and life.

That journey really changed my mentality. There are a lot of people who still have more disabilities and problems than us, and they are happy too. That day onwards I started saying thanks to God for what he gave me. 

Now I don’t feel bad even if you tease me.

Hope you liked it.

I would request you all, never ever think only you have disabilities, there are many others who have more disabilities than you, still, they are happy, learn from them.

you are amazing- disability doesn't mean inability

Disability doesn’t mean inability!

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