Hello everyone this is an truth awakening post, so read it at your own risk 😛 today I will compare two of the most important things for you as a student or an job aspirant. Your Degree and Experiencetwo of the most important factors to govern whether you get a job or not, there are few more to the list but this post will be Degree vs Experience post.This post is created with the views of Sapna Negi.

Well it is an old chaotic question like Education vs Street Smartness, there are many example for example Jim Rohn said his mentor John Earl Shoaff isn’t went to college and yet mentor of one of well known motivational speaker. So let take up to the question.

Degree vs Experience 

In words of Sapna, Your degree is just like a entry ticket, whereas experience is like gateway to success for you. Experience of everything means that you are capable of doing anything here. Degree is like a one path, driving on a road whereas experience is driving off the road. Once you drive off the road you came out perfect.”

Degree vs Experience Enlightenbrains

The things said above are true so Experience has a lead, but sometimes Degree matters a lot, A degree from a top school in your field will open doors simply for its reputation; a degree from a college with a lesser reputation won’t help you nearly as much. Did you earn your degree while working full time? That gives you a reputation of being a dedicated hard worker willing to make sacrifices – a reputation that will help you when you sit down to interview for a job.

Source : Investopedia

So its a tie till yet between Degree and Experience as Degree get his first point. Reputation is like key factor you get when you get degree from reputed institute, but where is experience only way is if you innovate or make change and get awards for your work.


The most important thing is Experience with enormous advantages listed by Sapna, but Degree holds its position all the way. These are many exception that Degrees from less reputed institutes carry less importance so Experience is the thing in your hand so get full of it, try everything live while you can and don’t forget to tell about what you think of mater in comments below….

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