Hello Enlightenbrains, Whats App is one of the most used social messenger in world as like its parent Facebook to worlds massive social media website. Trends are now-a-days very turbulent, Their are chances of what you are creating or doing, go viral for absolutely free. Such Example is Emoji music videos songs with lyrics are trending over social media and specially on whats app messenger. Emojis come a long way from their creation in 1998, Emojis have become incredibly popular over the last few years and they’re completely integrated into our digital lives.

Coolest Music Video – Have a look first

How about having a music band creating music video out of this emoji fever, Cool! isn’t it? So here it is coolest emoji music video, byBerlin band Yuri & Neil. This is an amazing work of art, created on a tight budget, and you have to see it. To enjoy it on your mobile, play in vertical position with headphones on.

Hope you enjoyed the coolest emoji music video. If you’re looking for more Indian songs to share on your own whatsapp status have a look below and don’t forget to share this beautiful piece of art.

Emoji Video Song

Even though they are lyrical videos they are a step ahead with per word animation and beautiful cinematic syncing with lyrics, they also have emoji for every line of the song. This all make people go mad over them and now these videos are trending everywhere. May be you have seen this on someones whatsapp status or you’re are the one posting them.

Don’t know how to download from YouTube, no worries, Just place ‘ss’ before ‘youtube.com’ in that videos url and bingo..

Looking for more have a look at Royal Touch

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