Hola! Howdy guys, the title “Why you should control your abusive words? Even if they look like Fun! [Offensive Content]” sounds a bit crancky and offensive but its for a reason. Wanna know why it is written and what we meant to say here read ahead…

So, you might be sad over such a topic or agitated if so mail us at enlightenbrains@gmail.com Lets start..

Many times we came across people who are bit different may be in their shape, may in size, may in color or some disorder for which they aren’t responsible at all in most cases. For example, Being FAT is so common now-days. In schools you might have seen such case where a girl/boy being name vividly on the basis of Fatness, he might be called a hippo, a Bull , A Burger , Teddy etc..


Its funny, I agree with that but for other children not for him or her. That was an another perspective. We have wrote many posts regarding the issues, some are enlisted below:

However we doesn’t targeted anyone earlier, but today we’re targeting youWe want you to control yourself. We understand, one must know how to handle negativity and tolerate a bit of  nuisance but what might seem tolerate-able, might be very hard to handle and tolerate for someone who is facing it.

Name Calling sound fun and for students it is, but upto certain limits applicable to it. 🙂

Joking is good, it creates a good amusing atmosphere around us. Making people is a noble job in time of such speedy chaos but wait, making fun of someone to make people laugh and be a laughter king is not righteous. Let see what I mean by that sentence

This is the answer by Vijaya Lakshmi Mam From Quora

During my service period, there were two young men. Both were jovial, always cracking jokes.

People would flock around them wherever they were. Let us name them as Ram and Syam.

Their typical style of talking would be like this:

Syam: (calling a person passing by) “Hey brother come here. I want to tell you how to earn few lakhs (one million=ten lakhs) rupees very quickly.”

The person would walk to Syam’s seat.

The person: (smiling) “OK tell me the secret.”

Syam: “If you take your slippers to the museum and tell them that they belong to Indus Valley Civilization period, they will believe you and pay you a hefty amount.”

People sitting around Syam would burst into laughter while the smile on the person wearing old slippers vanished.

Syam: “No offence brother it is just a joke!”

Ram: “Today our boss compared me with a donkey”.

People around him: “Then what did you say?”

Ram: “I said ‘Sir please don’t insult the donkey’”.

People sitting around Ram burst into laughter.

Ram: (addressing a person who is sitting there with a sad face) “Hey brother why don’t you teach me letter drafting? You are so good at it.”

The sadness from the person’s face immediately vanished!

Yes Syam laughs at others while Ram laughs with others.

People who laugh at others do not impress me. 

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Read Vijaya Lakshmi‘s answer to What doesn’t impress you? on Quora Hope this post justify its title and now you better understand what your fun looks like on others. See the perspective by turning the table and you will find yourself in a mysterious form of misery you couldn’t even understand.

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