Hello guys, we have read a lot of time that consistency is key to success or similar kind of phrases. I agree consistency can bring fortune, But it ain’t easy to be consistent even for the smallest of the task.

We have seen ourselves from new year resolutions like I will go to the gym from 1st and then break it a few days. it’s tough to be consistence and nearly impossible without a hell lot of determination.

Here is a short story…

Consistency is key to success

Once upon a time, there was a reputed guru in somewhere India. Who is treated as a wisest of all?

One day a poor manager who was disturbed and isn’t able to do his work properly and his performance chart was falling and he was getting drowned in failures. He tried and tried but couldn’t improve out of his situation.

Consistency is key to success

He decided to ask for help and went to that guru, he went there and told him all he was going through.

In a solution that guru, gave him a word him and told to write down this on a small piece of paper and put it into a glass jar each day for the next 30 days.

The manager laughed and told him, is this the solution to my complex life problems. That’s how I will improve my performance. Thanks for this, you silly old man.

And left the cottage in rage.

When he was going to sleep, he thought of trying what he was told by that guru and did it for day 1 and make small paper chit, write the word and put it inside the glass jar.

On the second day again he took out a paper chit, wrote the word and put it inside the jar and thought how an easy task can solve his problem.

On the third day, he got late from office, so washed, had his dinner and slept right away.

On the fourth day, he had a small fight with his colleague and he thought about a lot and again went to sleep.

By the fifth, he had forgotten to do the task he thought was very easy for him to…

Moral of the story

That’s how hard is to be consistent, consistency is key to success but being at consistency ain’t that easy. To be consistent you need to high determined and invested in the activity you are doing.

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