It sounds funny but this is true, most of the people today don’t live in their houses, offices, schools, temples and other places, they all live in a place so called as Confusion.

Let me explain you it in a better way and make you laugh. If people say something to each other it creates confusion, if they don’t tell then too it creates confusion.

Some of the students while sitting in class are in a confusion what is going on around and some in a confusion whether the thing taught will come in exam or not.

Some free parents instead of working are in a confusion whether they will give birth to a girl or a boy. And they are well aware it’s not possible to decide and to do the same. Political leaders are in a confusion of their winnings.

At present times, as per the report, confusion develops in our mind more speedily than good thoughts. If someone says well to you then it creates confusion, if says bad then it too. If teacher teaches then confusion, and if not then again too Confusion.

If I confuse you till now, don’t worry here is a solution, read below:

So basically the reason behind this all is simply

  • Living in past
  • Worrying about the things which will never happen
  • Over thinking in spite of concentrating
  • Thinking about each other instead of directly talking with them
  • Thinking of your past by rejecting the opportunities available at present.

So these were the reasons by following it you can avoid confusion.

At last but not least, one request with you all- Our earth has too much land to live on, please live here not in confusion.




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