Nowadays people judge each other’s by their physical outlooks, not with their mentality. This is not always true that the one who is fair is better and the one who is black is not of good heart (Think of Nelson Mandela). Also it is not true one who is having good height has high thinking and one of short height keeps low thinking (Sachin Tendulkar).

Your thinking and heart defines you, what you think and how you behave actually matters. What you wear, and how much good beard you have doesn’t matters at all. By using creams, gels, cosmetics etc. you only hides the real YOU.

Here is a story for you.

Once a boy was sitting in a park with his friend, who actually came there to show off his clothes and beard. There comes another boy of dull skin and short height. The boy sitting there started teaching him. There also came an old blind man whose stick fall of, the boy made his fun but the boy of dull skin helped him and got blessing. A beautiful girl to whom the boy used to text daily saw this all, that how that fair looking boy misbehaved and how that short heighted boy helped the old man. The girl thereon proposed that dull skin boy short heighted by rejecting the one who was fair looking and used to text her daily.

Here is an another story for you. Skin color is not a measure of Beauty.

Change your mentality, upgrade your thinking, and enlighten your heart.





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