Every one of us wants to live in an environment which is clean and green; nobody wants to live in an unhygienic environment. Then why we make our environment dirty, and throw wastes here and there simply.

Changes start with you, also cleanliness starts from you. If you will keep your environment clean, then others too will help you to keep it clean, and make this World a beautiful place.

Here is a nice story for you all on cleanliness which you must read:-

A passenger was travelling in a train, he was sitting on the seat, when he saw the other seat too was empty, he kept his legs on that seat and he too was wearing the shoes. One Japanese tourist who also was travelling in the same train saw this and he felt very bad. He went near that person, to tell him he is not doing well. When that person refused to keep his legs down, the Japanese person sat there and kept the legs of that person upon himself. The person felt very ashamed of his act.

The man understood that Railway is our property and we should keep it clean. Let all of us should take an oath today that we will keep our environment clean and green and will not allow anyone to make it dirty. Let all of us come a step ahead and join our hands for CLEAN INDIA.

Thank you for reading. Keep your surroundings clean and keep supporting EnlightenBrains.




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