Here again, we want to highlight the problem of social issues against the girls with the help of our platform EnlightenBrains. We want to describe the issue with the help of a story.

This is a story of a middle class family which comprises of a father, mother and their daughter. The family was living very well and was happy in all the way. The daughter also finished her studies and was doing a good job. The father also was earning well from his job but sometimes he used to smoke and drink which was disliked by her wife and daughter. One day there came an offer of marriage for their daughter from a very good and respectable family. The parents asked their daughter whether she was ready for marriage or not. She obeyed her parents and said- ‘Yes’. Soon the day of marriage came close, the night before the marriage father gave her daughter two-lakh rupees, saying that to keep it with her. The father also didn’t take a single paisa of earnings of her daughter and said her to keep it with herself for future use. On the day of her marriage, the girl said in front of all- ‘Father, I want to talk to you and please promise me whatever I will say you will follow it’. Father replied ‘Yes’. The daughter said, take back from me two-lakh rupees which you gave me last night and also the savings of three-lakh rupees from the job. This is so because I don’t want that after retirement you face problems regarding money. Also I want that from today onward you take the oath in front of us all that from now you will neither smoke nor drink. This made all the persons standing their stunned. The girl although was not the son of their parents but did more than what their son might do.

There are certain other examples which will make us realize that how important are the girls to our society. In some parts of our country, still we can see the gender discrimination, ill treatment of girls and also female infanticide. But in today’s world Girl is not a burden for the family, society and country but they are the helping hands of our family, society and country.

Another example of it is, the Olympic Games of 2016, where the boys participants were unable to win a single medal for our country, there the girls participants have won 2 medals for our country. We now should take an oath that we will respect girls, and then only they can live freely in a society.






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