I’m bored. I’ve nothing to do. I’m bored of doing the same stuffs Everyday. I’m bored of using Facebook. I’m bored at school. I’m bored at work. I’m bored by taking pictures, selfies, etc.  I’m bored of studying. Do you also get these things in mind when you’re bored? If yes, then you are at the right place.

There are many things you can do to avoid boredom if you have internet connection.

Give these things a try and you will be amazed to see that there is lots of stuff on internet which you might have not known or heard about of before.

So, let’s get started:

1. Create your own funny tune or mix – Incredibox

With Incredibox.com you can create your own style of music tune, melody which you can also record, save and share. It’s so good that it doesn’t cost anything. There are funny cartoon men who get styled when you add melody or tune to your record.

2. Talk with Cleverbot – cleverbot

Is no one online? Do you want to chat? Or you want to talk to someone like Natasha of hike?Here is a cleverbot for you. You can reply and ask and talk about anything.The program will give endless reply and you’ll at a point think that there is a real man talking to you but that’s how it works.

Also if you don’t know what to say, the bot will think about a question by clicking on ‘think about me’.  Enjoy having conversation with cleverbot.

3. Play with the web genie – akinator

Akinator is a web game in which arabic genius akinator guess the famous person’s name you keep in your mind by giving replies to some questions.

Make sure the person you keep in mind is famous in some field and you at least some points/details about them.

4. Get addicted to this site – stumbleupon

An awesome site for everything. It needs a signup and then takes you to the world of your interests, hobbies, etc. You’ll get everything here from stories to projects to shopping.

5. Make your own style of face – Monoface

Mono face is a amazing website in which you can try making different type of faces by clicking at different parts of face. It’s really funny in case you’ll make a face of half women half men.

6. Play online games

Playing games is the best way to get rid of boredom. If you don’t have any game installed then don’t panic. Though I’m not interested in games except GTA San Andreas and Tomb raider which are my favourite(as they are the only games I play). But If you are into gaming then here are some websites in which you can play lots of games online.

Play the best –


7. One of my favourite – buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is personally my favourite. It has everything you’re looking for when you’re bored even when you’re not bored. There’s a lot of stuff which make you not leave this site for so long. It has news, shocking stories, viral stories, DIY, pointless things, fun, etc.

8. Do random things – randomthingstodo

This site is great if you are sick of using same websites to get rid of boredom. It suggests many random things which you can do with or without internet. Though many of them are too crazy and weird(in my opinion). So, give it a try.

9. Jump on to craziest sites – theuselessweb

The uselssweb take you to the craziest sites you could ever think of exists in the world. Every time you click ‘please’ and it takes you to different site everytime So, you’ll never get bored of it.

10. The favourite site for girls – virtual-makeover

the most favourite girly site of all time

This is my one of favourite sites and it’s super amazing. It let’s you makeup which is totally virtually by uploading a picture of yours and making it awfully awesome through different types of hairstyle, eyeliners, shades of lipstick, etc. It is highly recommended it you are a selfie lover and you want to try different type of makeovers.

Though, boys you can also use it in case you want to see how funny you can look in that girly makeover. :-p

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