Hey there are also one of kind who knows nothing about trending Blue Whale game, Which is nowadays in highlights worldwide due to Suicides it had caused. If you wanna know more or know somebody playing this? Stop him/her now! It is very dangerous to play.

What is Blue Whale Game?

Blue Whale is an online game, which got an immense popularity in last few weeks in India, especially among youth between 13-18 years old. This is probably be very dangerous online game which sounds normal but is a killer game! Yes, you read it right it can kill you!!

In Blue Whale Dare Challenge there are 50 challenges for 50 days. This game needs to be completed in 50 days and at the end player must commit suicide. Challenges start with a bit normal but increase nearness and anxiety into players. But after a bit they start being disruptive and dangerous like “Writing with blade on hand”, “Moving in traffic” and finally “Killing yourself”

It does looks stupid, but the target of this game are those who are mentally disabled and depressed children and people who have been broken and thinking about suicide. The moto of this game as per the developer of this deadly game is to remove biological waste from this world(Height of insanity)

Did I play Blue Whale Game?

Never!!! Stay Away!!! from this shit, Your life is too precious than you had ever thought my dear friend.

Pink Whale Challenge

Pink Whale  is an healthier and better alternative to all of this shit out there. You try it as there is no harm in this online game. Link is given below..


Whats  Next?

It looks stupid but guys please help those who get confiscated in this virtual end changing reality of many persons. In short do share this message and look for your younger siblings and kids around you and watch there behavior. If found abnormality in usage of smartphones or PCs, do take action.

If you are a teenager and get into it, please stop harming yourself. And talk with us at our page on facebook or mail us at here, or whatsapp here +91 96443969895

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