In today’s fast paced life, people do ignore the importance of belief in God, his blessings and prayers. Today, here I will try to connect the dots of Blessings and Prayers and how these works or not works with some real life examples, hope after reading this, you guys will also try to connect your dots in your life and be as free as I am today. Let’s start the play..

As we sow, so shall we reap!” many of us have heard this proverb and aware what does it mean. It’s absolutely true, but sometimes we get the fruit of our work better than what we deserve. Sometimes we get more than what we actually sowed. Why this is so??

Many of you guys say this is because of GOOD LUCK. Ok! Then from where you get this GOOD LUCK. Now if you’re wondering then make sure you read down everything carefully to understand how these things are connected.

We get this good luck due to Blessings from our parents (literally they are as positioned as God in Indian Culture), friends, elders and others also the prayers which we do towards God.

Sometimes we get more marks in the examination than what we had written; this is because of the blessings and prayer. Sometimes we face very serious problems out of which escape is not possible, but still we get happy endings. Sometimes we meet serious accidents, but still we get relieved safe. This is all due to blessings and prayers.

We in our daily life, use to watch several incidents whose results are surprising. In those incidents blessings too work. Blessings and Prayers too works in saving lives of humans, even when their survival now is no more possible.

One of the historical examples is of Akbar and Birbal. Although Birbal was too much intelligent, but still he was not the king, the great Akbar was the king, This is also because of Blessings. Our Elders used to say Akbar was Blessed.

How one gets Blessings and Prayers?

When we respect our parents and elders, we get blessings from them, when we do something good for any creature in this world; we get blessings from that creature and also from almighty God. Even when you become spiritual you get these blessings.

No matter how much big the problem is, no matter how much critical the situation is if one is blessed by his parents, and also believes in the Almighty he may face the problems happily, get it solved and gets success and happiness at the end.

So, now you know how these Blessings and Prayers works in our life. They are important too, Hope you get what you’re looking for, hope you soon get you’re dots connects, once you are done, please let others know in comments below

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