No one in this world is same to another, everyone is unique, and everyone is different in some or other ways. Even the twins are different in their thinking, views, likes and dislikes.

It is human psychology that we love the people who are more similar to us, who are more related with our journey and profession. This is just because we start finding ourselves in others body. We like the person who thinks as we do, but we dislike the one who is of opposite views.

We start to ignore and disrespect them, without even listening to their views. Everyone thinks that they are perfect in themselves and others are fool. We all have the same ego issue of it, that we are perfect, what we think is right and others are wrong. Everyone has a right to think they want in their way, no matter if it suits you or not.

We should accept this natural fact that no one is same, so how everyone could think same. Imagine the world, where we all were same in terms of our looks and thinking, could we live in such world?


Don’t try to please and convince everyone, not everyone will agree with you. Respect them who support you and appreciate the one who disagrees with you. Don’t try to change yourself if others want you to, change yourself only when you want.

At the time, when you are trying to change yourself, you are disrespecting yourself. You are losing yourself for those, who are willing to lose you when their purpose with you gets completed.h

At the time of coping others, you are insulting yourself. When you are comparing yourself with others, it means you don’t trust yourself, you don’t love yourself. Be who you are, god has sent for some other purpose, he made you different, so you could look special.

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