The most awaited trailer of bahubali 2 has finally launched and there is no doubt that it is going to be super massive hit of 2017.The things we are expecting from this movie trailer are :

  1. The stunned Sequences : There has been so much hype and buzz around how much grander this movie is going to be and for prabhas was being physically trained for just one shoot sequence(one scene). The first part in itself was so amazing that we are expecting much better in this trailer.
  2. Why did kattappa kill bahubali? : After the first part release, it has been the nation’s VIP question. In this part we are looking forward to finally get the answer and the answer is going to be a sneek peek into actually what happened?
  3.  How much of the movie is going to look at Amarendra Bahubali and Devasena’s romantic scenes. Or will there be any romantic scenes or not?
  4. The Rise Of Sivagami: The Facebook page of bahubali has realeased it book ” Anand Neelakantan- The Rise Of Sivagami”. Will the readers Find out the mystery behind why kattappa kill bahubali after reading this Book? Will it stop people from coming and watching the movie? Or will it make them even more interesting in watching the movie?bahubali 2



Here’s the trailer. Watch it now:




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