Hello everyone, Enlightenbrains has brought something new this time read till the end to get something awesome. Did you know Ayushi Singhai, If not after reading you surely going to know her and will become something better so read on and grow. This time nothing to tell just look, feel and understand the art.. Lets start the fun filled artistic girl’s Journey..

Ayushi’s Artworks

These were some of the best artworks I have seen yet, explanations are given by us but if you think there is some more meaning in it comment below and let us know what you think , remember to share with your friends…

Artwork Number 1 

Lady in front of tree an adorable use of colors in this artwork can be seen even a newbie in art.

Ayushi Singhai Art 1 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 2

Another portrait of a lady, expression looks so real that she is alive. [Read till the end surprise was below photos]

Ayushi Singhai Art 2 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 3

Using techniques other than traditional ones, can be seen in this artwork.

Ayushi Singhai Art 3 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 4

When an awesome imagination meet with an hand full of talent this happens, very beautiful scene.

Ayushi Singhai Art 4 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 5

Illusion two things in artwork, this was a really impressive picture. Its actually awaking us about mother nature..

Ayushi Singhai Art 5 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 6

A perfect design for a greeting card, maybe for someone really special…

Ayushi Singhai Art 6 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 7

A very cool artwork dual shade on color other than white, this is alone enough to prove her creativity..

Ayushi Singhai Art 7 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 8

Now this artwork has something special to say, a women’s aspiration to become more than she is…

Ayushi Singhai Art 8 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 9

A colorful scenery of a village site, probably a eye-sight painting(artwork).

Ayushi Singhai Art 9 Enlightenbrains.com

Artwork Number 10

A perfect and lovely scene by talented hands..

Ayushi Singhai Art 10 Enlightenbrains.com

Bonus: Video a must watch




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