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Somewhere between the gap of I ….&…….. You, we both should try to fill that space with LOVE.

Did you have a breakup, or did you have witnessed one? If yes, and want help yourself or someone you know here is a good read. Read, Its worth! The reason behind breakup in relations in these days simply is that the space between I & You during these days is filled by expectations, angerness, impatience, dishonesty, lies and others negativity. What is Love? The word Love has different meanings and definitions by different persons. But in a simple sense it means, sacrifice made by us (I) for others (You) to see them happy, and by seeing them (You) happy,...

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100’s of problems, 100’s of difficulties, But with hard work it all vanishes! Remember

You may be facing 100’s of problems in this one moment, Family Issues, Relationship Issues, Career Issues, Health Issues, Study Issues, Friends Issues and many more.. Now here is an good inspirational story for you. This is an story of a small boy named Harland. His parents have too many expectations from him. But at the age of 5, he lost his father. At the age if 17, he left his studies and was fired from 4 jobs. At 19, he became father, but in the same year his son died. At 21, his wife and 2 small daughters...

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If you are not able to set the maximum goal where you want to reach, set the minimum target upto where you must reach. Problem Solved

Have you ever come across the situation ? Where you are advised to set the expectations high and its seems tough as last time this hurts you a lot. No Problem Setting minimum targets helps in setting goals in future and also boosts our confidence level. Minimum target here means the place atleast upto where you want to stand anyhow, no matter what the conditions are or what difficulties may come. In simple words, it is just like when teacher says become whatever you want to become in future, but first try to become a good human being. We...

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Be a warrior not a worrier..! 3 Mins Morning..

I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I SPOKE ., BUT NOT FOR WHAT YOU UNDERSTOOD. Very beautiful lines written by OSHO. There lies a very deep meaning in this line. Most of us say that life of present generation is very busy. Is this true? Ask to yourself. Many of us today are having so much free time, just many of us waste it simply in thinking silly things about others like, why he said me this, why she behaved with me like that, why she didn’t talked with me today, why he was silent today and many more. we...

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godisnowhere, Not everyone have same vision, some persons may view it differently!

Read this statement – GODISNOWHERE. Now take a deep breath and read it once again. GOD IS N-O-W-H-E-R-E. Got something new, hope you didn’t got it for the first time you read. Its true that if you see something from different view, you may get some different vision. In the same way, if you think upon something from different view, you may get some different and amazing answer. I want to remind you a scene of the film- 3 IDIOTS. When the teacher shown a pen which was invented specially to write in space, every student got stricken at...

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