This post is written after listening to our president’s words; thereafter we have edited everything in best possible way.

India the 7th largest country in terms of area, 2nd largest in terms of population, leading exporter in food grains, fastest growing economy in the world, 10th largest in terms of industrial sector, is ranked 117 out of 158 countries in terms of GDH. What GDH Actually means?

Many of us would know the meaning of GDP-Gross Domestic Product, GDH simply means Gross Domestic Happiness. All of us are focusing on how our GDP can rise, but no one is focusing on increasing our GDH. We the people today are getting more and more gadgets which are increasing our comfort zone, but is it increasing our happiness level? The answer is no, we are getting less and less happier day by day. This is because we are focusing on how there can be growth in our income, growth in our GDP and we are forgetting that we should too focus on increasing the level of our happiness or increasing our GDH. So, we should ultimately focus on increasing our GDH level, and then surely our GDP level will rise.

Our GDH will only rise when we start getting free from the problems of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, corruption and terrorism. We should try to share our happiness with others and make them happy too. Making others happy increases our happiness and reduces our problems, tensions and worries also.

Our smile even can be the cause of someone’s happiness, If we smile to somebody unknown. I will lead him to know or guess why smile and it will make them to follow his worries and problems for a little time.

So be happy, and try to make others happy too, If you enjoyed the information do share with your circles…




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