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Just because “I am a girl”.
How can I do a men’s job, how can I go and buy vegetables from the street, go to pay the bill of the telephone go to service my scooter because it’s creating a problem to me, how can I do these all things? Can u ever think of this being a girl ? No! then please go ahead and think that you are a girl you don’t have any right to go out of your house, other than Going to college or coachings and that too because the parents have to maintain their status in the society, they are teaching their girl child and, the other thing that to get a high salaried husband to their daughters because nowadays high salaried boys too want an “educated cook “for themselves and if she earns after marriage then she don’t know how to look after her house.
The female gender is responsible for cooking and looking after their house otherwise she’s a sl*t , A daughter can’t stay out of home to study but if she gets good marks then it blows the balloon of their parents respect in the society, then parents fill that females’ heart with many dreams and aspirations when the ballon is fully blown …..as soon as the balloon shrinks day by day the dreams and aspirations are sucked from the females mind just because she is a girl(female gender)
If she goes out then she will get raped or she will get attracted to boys and do something wrong, “when something wrong happens with a women, she is blamed because that thing has happened with her not because of her”-this is all the reality of our society, which is never gonna change…
Thanks for reading, hope you the thing Shruti wanted to convey…
Enlightenbrains- Never Stop Thinking…

Authored by : Shruti Jain




  1. Dear educated cook,
    Please rectify the English in the title “Do* you also want an educated cook!”
    Then you will become an educated cook!! 🙂


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