Do you also think that what four people will say about you when you do something that is unacceptable by society? Have you ever thought that if I choose commerce/arts as a career option, then people might think I’m a fool who has wasted his life? Have you ever been scared of the thought that If I do something and people will laugh over me? If yes, then Read this Whole article.

The “What people say?” problem is very common and most of the people are too much affected by this syndrome, especially in India.

What is “What people say” Syndrome?

Let me tell you what it is exactly. It’s not a problem, nor a syndrome in reality, but an imaginary thought or fear in our mind that we make by having some type of behavior, choices or opinions which is unacceptable by society, by hearing some bad comments on any common thing, by realizing that what will four people say when something will be done or by some other means of thinking.

This is also a major problem in our society that people think what four persons will react when they something. These four people have ruled the life of many Indians.

 And who these four people are?

They are the people from our society who have nothing to talk so they make opinions about everyone and about everything whether it’s good or bad.

So, why are we being affected by their opinions?

This is because every person has some kind of image in a particular region and nobody wants to spoil that.

Is it worth to let your life rule over by other’s opinion?

No, it never was or it’ll never be Because it doesn’t matter what people say about you. The only thing that matter is only you. Many dreams have been killed because of this syndrome. But when people over think about what other people will react then this becomes a serious problem.

Some examples of “What people say?” Syndrome:

  • Exam Scores – He has scored 90% in exam. But he is not that intelligent. If not, he must have been studying for the whole day and night. Ask him, He’ll tell you it was just a luck and hide all his night and early morning routine of studying because no one want to be called as “padaku” and “kitabi Kida”, etc.
  • Natural Makeup – Oh, She has pink cheeks and dark kohl in her eyes. She’s is so beautiful. Ask her about her beauty secret and she will tell that it’s all natural becuse She doesn’t want to be called as the “Fancy Makeup Queen”.
  • Lost weight – She was so much fat before. She has become slimmer. How she got to do that. Ask her and she will tell you that it was nothing but some exercises.
  • Salary Talks – Don’t ever ask any Indian about his salary otherwise you may not get the right answer or you may create a scene for asking that or you’ll get a war of words.
  • Relationship status – We can’t even make friend of the opposite gender because people will say that -“His daughter has uploaded a picture with a guy. There is something between them. His daughter is hanging too much with his classmates especially boys. She talks to one of her classmate too much. Is he a friend or……?”
  • Choosing better career choice – Every parent wants their children to be engineers or doctor in India. They don’t have their own interest in any subject. What will people say if they get to know that our child has taken arts or commerce?


There are many more examples which make “LKK” a series problem among Indian people. It’s all in our mind.

Log hamare bare me kya sochte hai, agar ye bhi hum sochenge to log kya sochenge [If we think about what people will think of us than what they will think].  People always talk about something. There is no Need to change your thinking according to the opinion of others. What you listen is not the reality. Don’t let anyone ruin your way of thinking. Don’t give importance to someone’s thought so they can create a hurdle in your life. Don’t let anyone rule over your passions. Your life is what you had chosen it to be. So, Even if you make mistakes, it’ll be your own mistake not what others make you do that.  It’s your life, your way. You can make it by listening to your heart or you can spoil it by hiding yourself after other people’s opinions.

Always remember – If you want to do something in life and you are thinking about
Log Kya Kahenge?
Then remind yourself that,
“Log to tab bhi kahenge jab kuch nahi karuga?”










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