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What is cancer? It can be answered in such a way that:

Organisms like human beings are made up of units which are very small and cannot be seen with naked eyes genuinely called as cells. Cells contain Genes, DNA etc, as we all know we are mostly made up of proteins and mitochondrion which are present inside the cells are mostly responsible for digestion of protein in the body but sometimes the Genes which are there in the cell gets damaged or sometimes bacteria or virus enter in the body and inside the cells present and also infect the Genes and Genes gets infected. These Genes are carried through parents to their children or offspring, infected Genes are called mutated genes.

These mutated Genes are so effective that only one mutated gene can cause Cancer.

Is it that dangerous to human beings?

Yes, because nowadays viruses and bacteria are everywhere and can easily enter human body too. The mutated gene cannot cause big cancer alone by itself. But a single mutated gene replicate and reproduce in its own therefore millions of mutated genes.

There are stages of cancer!

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4…

Stage 1 is supposed to be when the mutated genes tends to multiply, when it is increased in numbers it will get to Stage 2, and then most critical stages are made 3rd and inside 4th stage where only 10 to multiply 20 percent can live through it.


Cancer has its type?

Yes, absolutely like most of diseases cancer has its own type, here is the diagram to show all more clearly.


We have seen total 8 main types of Cancer among which Beast Cancer are mainly found in women and are increasing so much Nowadays even in men lung cancer is getting common. Apart from these latest type of cancer is colon which is very dangerous.

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Is it curable and how it is curable?

The best therapy we have had is to send to treatment so bonic. It attracts all rapidly dividing cells in the human body instead of only cancer. Doctors use chameotherapy to treat the person’s cancer and that’s the best therapy we have.

In chameo therapy the patient suffers a lot, they face many problems like hair fall. There are many medicines which are small in size but are very strong in nature and effects many parts of patient’s body. Cancer is dangerous not only to the person facing it, but it can be found also in their offspring and children’s.

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