It is good to do the things in which you have an additional interest, as it gives you happiness and if things done properly will even lead to a little success.

We all have some additional interest in few things which many of us forget, and we ignore this interest somewhere between our enjoyments, but some are also there who give time to their additional interest too, and get few steps ahead from those who ignored their additional interest.

This is a story of a boy who has his additional interest in creating websites and making apps. Unlike others, he in his free time used to learn more about these things, and make little apps on JAVA (literally people don’t took that seriously but one person boosted him, find that one person for yourself) . After sometimes, he created a website for himself, which started giving him return after few months. The boy became happy and surprised, because he was earning from his additional interest, which many of us ignores. He again created one more website with the help of his friend, which now made him a bit popular guy. Now, other persons too approach this boy for the websites.

This was a story of Roshan, the boy who worked hard upon his additional interest, and created this amazing website EnlightenBrains, the website in which you can share your additional interest and get the recognition globally.

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So, never let your passion down, do not ignore your additional interest, give time to your additional interest it will surely give you happiness and keep inspiring for your other activities also. And if luck favored, you may get success too.

Thank you for reading.




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