Here again, the platform of EnlightenBrains is back with two small good stories which teaches us how adapting ourselves according to situation, becomes our strength.

Story 1:- This is a story of a 15 years young child, Pemba Tamang. He was alone when others were in relationship; he had a little space to survive while others were having a huge sky to fly. He got struck under a building for 120 hours during earthquake. When everyone was having food and shelter, he was the only who was having hope that he would be safe. He drank rainwater for 5 days and on the 5th day was taken out. The child said that sunlight provided him the hope that he would be alive.

Story 2:- This is a story of a family who once went to do their breakfast in a European restaurant at 09 a.m.  The grandfather was having the habit to do breakfast at 07 a.m. daily, and he disliked the European food too. Then his grandson told how they could know about European taste when they didn’t taste the food. Then grandson served the food with his own hand and was telling everyone about the dishes himself. The grandfather and others members then liked the food. Actually, the child himself did not know even the name of dishes, he knew about them from a chef who was cooking in the kitchen and then was describing it to his family members. The grandfather ate the food only because of the way his grandson described them.

Adapting ourselves according to the situation is our big strength. As much as we will adapt it, that much our life would be improved. Hope you guys like it, if yes don’t forget to share.

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