Self Confidance, everyone has his/her way to boost it. Today, Here, the platform of EnlightenBrains will tell you the ways through which you may boost up the level of your self confidence.
1. Celebrate your small achievements, find your happiness in small things:- Take a jar and daily put a slip inside it, after writing your talent and skill in it. When the jar would start filling, you will find that you have so much talent and skill inside you, which will increase your self confidence.

2. Try to fully live in your present life:- Lack of self confidence is found in such persons who make so many future promises, and are unable to fulfill them. We should not think about those things and persons whom we can’t change.

3. Daily note the good things which happened with you during whole day:- Writing your good stories will motivate you when you will read them, and will also help you to take decisions in future.

4. Identify your negativities:- Find the negative things inside you and the reason behind them and try to overcome them. This will make you a positive thinker.


5. Ask question to yourself:- After asking from others, ask yourself that whether you should do that thing or not. If you get YES, then without any fear just MOVE ON.

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6.Think about yourself also:- Daily give time to yourself also, and ask to you what good you did today and what bad things which you shouldn’t. Then you will stop repeating your mistakes.


7. Don’t compare with others:- People get demotivated when then find others better, if you want to compare, then compare your today with your yesterday.

8. Do Meditation:- It reduces your stress and tensions which enable you to think better and widens your thinking capacity.

9. Make yourself away from such persons and things which make you worry and sad:- Get as much as far, you can from the things which gives you tension, and maintain distance from people who makes you sad, and have the habit of talking behind you.


Following these things will surely boost up your self confidence. Hope you would have liked our article. Thank you for reading.




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