Here we through our platform EnlightenBrains will tell you how to avoid stress during exams, mainly for the school students.
1: – Learn the answers by writing them; take small breaks, if possible go for short walks between your studies.
2: – Revise difficult questions; make sure you also would have prepared for difficult subjects after the completion of easy subjects.
3: – Take complete 7 hours sleep; follow the lines of the poem EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISE.
4: – Keep your mobile phones away from you while studying.
5: – Understand the concepts then learn, study the chapters in the form of a story.
6: – Avoid tensions, if you have any kind of problems then immediately consult it with your parents, teachers and friends.

So be ready and prepare well, Learn to grow as personnel not as a A4 sheet of paper. Seriously remember the last time you had seen your older ones, your parents, your elders crying. Many of you I don’t know. Let me tell you the truth if you get hurt, they feel the 2x of that pain that you feel…

“I wanna tell I know many guys who are studying well, got more more marks than me, Have good skill learning and memorizing! But guess what, they yet struggle with inline functions, making mistakes and telling themselves as programmers and I got two websites live there and a android app in production”
Thank you for reading. Follow these steps, avoid stress and do not take any wrong step if you could not score well. Remember, “FOR YOUR PARENTS YOU ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR MARKS.”





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