Are you a student, if not you have been one. Today we’re listing 6 things you must do or have done as being Student.

You might be a engineering aspirant riding over theorems and formulas, a commerce student managing credit and debit to tally your balance-sheets or someone more artistic studying precision of arts. We all  have some things in common as students of universities, here are few of them:


enlightenbrains photocopying things students do in university

Remember this? photocopying one of the most important task if you are student of university especially just before the day of exam. We must have one friend who has all the notes and book prints, and his/her duty is to give them to you.

Photocopying also happen in examination hall too, via any mode but many of somehow manage to photocopy some intelligent students answer sheet atleast once in our student life.


noise in class room


Sounds basically make the environment of the class, from noisy to silent then again to ‘macchi bazaar‘ thats what teacher called us.

You might be thinking how foolish you have acted or may be acting, but thats the part we love the most, be it chatting with friends, playing upon desk or different sounds of various  animals.

This is surely the thing we’re going to miss in our corporate life.

Rattafication – Rote Learning

Rote Learning Rattafication university student enlightenbrains

Rattafication or Rote Learning is the process of first learn by repeating dozens of time and then forget after exams. Its also referred as “ आगे पाठ, पीछे सपाट ” and is often used by teachers and parents to taunt(in positive way) their students and children.

The work we do in Semester 1 barely go with us into next Semester. Its a harsh reality our education system force us to adopt to this kind of learning.

Filling the Forms

Filling the Form as University Student

Now this one is really silly and may be irritating thing with central or govt. universities. Today It might gets better as one form online and then submit it once, done!

Prior it was filling a form(physical form) for one thing standing in line, then again for this thing.. This will be continued for 2-4 times a semester!

Queues were also long and shaped as a moving snake!!

Our Beloved : Canteen

canteen university student life

Canteen is the place in the collage/universities where the magic happens. Right?

Most of the business talks between college mates, fun time plans, strategies for exam etc with cups of tea and some biscuites or chips.

The place he fell, and she make him fell! The place where some of us hide or relax, That was the University’s Canteen.

Roam in Campus

Campus Roaming University College

Roaming in College’s Campus is one of the favorite things for students, if they can take selfie there its even better.

Most of the time students move from one class to another, outside the park or another department.

These were the 6 things you must do/have done, If you are/were a university student!

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