Do you feel angry often? 🤔 How to control your anger? 

You may be looking for the answer of above questions, We all get angry at the time, even people who are breezy. It is actually good to be angry sometimes. For example: when faced with insults, injustice or exploitation.

Similarly, mild to moderate anger can help us positively. It may push us to persist our desire goals or provides a sense of control- yet of course, chronic anger can be adverse to our well-being.

Controlling it can be a tough job, At Enlightebrains we have brought you 5 ways to control your anger, So, Let’s begin with number 1.

Observe Your Anger – You may be surprised at what it reveals.

5 ways to control your anger enlightenbrains

Monitor every chapter of your anger, from cursory moments of frustration. You may be surprised at what it reveals. Start rating your anger between (0 – 10). For example- after observing the episode in which you are getting angry, pick them gradually and think which chapter belongs where.T

his habit consistently describing your angry outburst, in order to gain a little perspective. You will get a whole new perspective to look at why you got angry and how it can be prevented in future. Give it a go, and let us know How it worked in the comments!

Talking to close friend – a positive distraction!

I think this work so well because it’s a positive distraction. Actually, it helps to know that you have someone on your side supporting you. Not only am I distracted from my anger but I have vented out everything I wish. I could say to my trigger, I no longer feel angry.

Feel it, do something enjoyable – It relaxes & makes you happy

Choose to make good decisions rather than fast ones. When you’re angry take a minute to just breathe. Count your breaths, really keep track the time or might you cheat yourself! The counting helps your mind off the situation as well.

Another way is to start doing something enjoyable. I love sketching, so whenever I feel angry I start to draw. It relaxes me. This gives me a better perspective on what I currently see as a problem. So, try to do what makes you happy, it may give a little more energy.

Therapeutic Writing

Writng 5 ways to control your anger enlightenbrains

Best way to dig yourself out of a rut. It helpes me keep from making many silly angry decision. I sit down with pen, paper and calming music. I write to find my response, not to simply vent my frustration but seek real feeling and healing. For this you don’t need to be prolific writer, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen and all motivation to write. This is the best way to plain stressed out.

Neutralize yourself-

Apologize to someone, not for your emotions or your action but for the potential lack of clarity. Give yourself pause for a while. Recently, I allowed myself to ruminate. So naturally, I snapped.

After taking a few deep breathe, I apologize to her, because I was embarrassed that I had acted in such a way! Thankfully she was understanding. So feel better, prepare to keep you cool.
Peace is more productive.😇

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

This article is authored by Diksha Jain

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