5 values to become a Decision Maker, If you have 5 minutes to read!

Making decisions is most difficult task for most of peoples, today you will get some awesome ways to make these with ease, Read on...

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So, Why are you reading this? To get some powerful message…Read on, there is more than you had been thought!! Howdy Guys, Its Roshan, today I will refuel you, and you will surely get 5 values to become Decision Maker, If you have 5 minutes to read! make an Impact. Many time being Indecision for long, not making a decision for many weeks or months or even years degrade the value of that decision and even leave zero left with you!

So, lets start with the Values to become decision maker, Starting in backward order, interested to know more, look at it:-

1. Don’t Think – -90% of imaginary chaos

I think, you don’t think like I think“, if feel confused after reading this line, I had literally introduced you with the first value you need to learn and that is DON’T THINKI know what you are understanding out of the line, I am writing with my wits and I sound minded person. You have to change you mentality to DON’T THINK if you want to go on new paths, explore new things or going for something unexpected, you have never done it! You will become uncommon by following this strategy of DON’T THINK…

Here is a video from InkTalks, Talk by Varun Agrawal Sir that might explain the concept clearly..

Varun Agrawal Sir at INKtalks


2. PAST only wins, When you Present loose – Focus on Present!

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Are you thinking of her/him while reading, My friend its time to focus on present, I know its an old saying but I am telling you if it happen today, he/she leaves you for no reason, cry until you feel good! But remember this was the last you cry for that reason, Now do the things you wanted to do, make new friends, talk with new peoples, stay in lower attitude for sometime(It will gradually increase you confidence level) and most important thing Don’t ever think you are alone without her/him. Don’t get pull back by your past!

Next thing your past was not good, you failed many times, things go opposite for you and you are tired of trying. Remember, It took 10,000 tries to make a small light bulb! But Edison said I just discovered 10,000 ways that don’t work!!


 3. Study – Nothing comes for free, Pay!

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So, it seems a bit simple, I am everything in is simple but only if you set your mind to it. You want wealth, study wealth!, You want relationship, study relationships, You want to succeed, study Success…Its that simple! Now is stopping you to do the same, Do you know who is it, No one other than you, yourself.

Today read a book of 100 pages, yes you can do it, I have done it many more have done the same. But I know you will not read, Did you know what is stopping you, Your own brain, our Brains are wired in such a manner that it will stop you from taking risks, being uncomfortable and protect you from being hurt, But if you want to do there is tip, you have 5 seconds to stop your brain to work like that and in 5 seconds you will win!


4. Time Management – Major things>>Minor Things

Time Management, using time efficiently and achieving targets on time. Easy and old, yet most of the people don’t oblige time and then time gives back a punch. Time is a very precious resource, use it for your purpose, not for any other wasteful thing.

Here is a very Intelligent way to time management, quite basic but valuable…

Time_Management_EnlightenbrainsIf we honor our time and use it judiciously, We surely get enough time for decisions we have make, I want you to share this message with every person you think need this…

5. Remember others – Don’t left yourselves behind

Everbody Love -Enlightenbrains

The best thing you can give others is Importance, one can easily live without food for days, But “attraction and importance are the key drivers of human behavior” – in the words of Dale Carnegie. So, remember while making decision always think about the rational effects on every person it is going to be implemented upon.

The best way to know is to get into shoes of every person, I know it wouldn’t be easy for you or anyone, but if you develop this art, you have key to make superb and long lasting decisions.. 

That’s enough from our side, if you think there is something left, let us know in comments below. Hope you get the values you were excepting. Share with Love, Peace!



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