5 important things which any doctor would not tell you, but which are necessary to be known. Let us make it short under 200 words 🙂

1. Know the truth behind smoking:- Doctors will clear you that smoking is injurious but they never tells that leaving smoking for 1 year even will make you normal and away from various diseases.

2. Be quite and simple:- We should not take much tensions and worries, as it also effect our health. Living away from worries is as important as food and exercise for us.

3. It is not good to trust on medicine for every disease:- We should not take too many medicines for every disease, taking so many medicine may cause heart attacks and your body acidic.

4. Too much exercise is also not good for health:- Exercise is must and good for health, but too much of anything is also dangerous. We should not face the problem of breathing while exercising and weight- lifting.

5. Do not ignore the problems if you are of more age, you must get check up:- We should not ignore the problems thinking it because of increasing age, it may be due to some other reasons, so we should have our check up. Your health is everything for you. Health is your wealth. Preserve it.

Take care of yourself. Thank you for reading. Sharing is Caring, remember to share.




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