Good morning everyone, today we have got something which is important to you “Interview“. Nowadays to get a job is everyone’s main purpose of their education, to get a job you have to face an Interview, so read on and get valuable things to remember while in an Interview.

enlightenbrains interview question

Question 1 :- Tell something about yourself ?
This is the most frequently asked question, in which you are given a chance to express yourself, not to explain yourself.
Suggested Answer :- In the answer, you should speak about your good hobbies and habits, and try to avoid speaking unnecessary things and your personal information which is easily available to them from your Resume.

Question 2 :- Why do you want to join our organisation ?
Be sure, you want to join there from the very beginning of applying.
Suggested Answer :- In the answer, tell about your interest and your Future goals, and explain them how you gonna achieve them by joining that organisation.

Question 3 :- Why we should give you the job ?
Here you are given a chance to convince them.
Suggested Answer :- In the answer tell them about your Professional and academic skills, and how these skills align with their organisational goals and requirements.

Question 4 :- Tell about your Strengths and weaknesses ?
Do not expand your answers, unless asked.

Suggested Answer :- Tell about your relevant strengths to them, and do not forget to tell them about you weakness too, which they also asked. But tell only such weakness which you can convert into strength after joining with them.

Question 5 :- Do you wanna ask anything regarding job ?
Here you are only given a chance to question them now.
Suggested Answer :- Ask only that questions which are important, and avoid such questions whose answers are easily available in their Website and Forum.

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