Did you remember what happened on these 4 dates of 2016?

  • 24 October
  • 8 November
  • 4 December
  • 20 December
  1. 24 October – On this day, Ratan Tata took over the post of chairman of Tata & Tata group by removing the Cyrus Mystry from the post of chairman. This was done so as to maintain the future image of Tata group.

From this we learnt, “If it is necessary, then break your own rules.”

  1. 8 November – On this day, when all the people of this world were eagerly waiting for the news, that who will become the next president of USA , a very shocking and surprising thing happened. Our PM Narendra Modi announced the demonetization of 86% of Indian currency notes of denomination of 1000 & 500 rupees notes. This was done so as to reduce and diminish terror funding, corruption and keeping of black money.

From this we learnt, “A leader’s action is more influencing than his words. A true leader not only gives lecture, but believes in follow-up action.”

  1. 4 December– On this day, something shocking happened in America, Donald Trump was declared as a president of USA. A real estate entrepreneur and a candidate of Republican Party won the election of 45th president. This proved all the surveys false.

From this we learnt, “We should not keep the fear of losing till the end. If we are brave and hard-working, anything may happen at the end.”

  1. 20 December– On this day, Our Indian Cricket team won the test cricket series against England. Our team defeated England by 4-0 at Chennai. On this day, we got three more good news, R Ashwin was selected as #1 bowler for 2016, which so happened for India after 9 years. Virat Kohli as #1 Test captain of India and our Indian team as #1 test team of 2016.

From this we learnt, “We should have bigger targets, positive thinking and should do continuous efforts.”

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