Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the presence of EnlightenBrains in your life. If you aren’t aware and a new visitor, do read the following pages to get a grasp of what we are doing cause we don’t want to waste your time, and in today’s post we will discuss on ways that are proven to avoid negativity, and helps in reaching out your full potential and start living. I’m not going to tell about manners and how to live, but we will discuss about methods to deal with stress, anxiety and Negativity watch videos on how less we are getting due to unnecessary things in your life. Let’s start the countdown of your freedom!   

What is EnlightenBrains? And how it works?

  • Carry a book under your arm always!

Did you have ever wondered, how much time you waste complaining about long waiting lines and pretending that you actually have a call of notification while in a line? Hope now you have understood the scene, and have experienced this situation. If yes, than remember you have not only wasted that time but also the moment when you can grow while others complain! Always carry a book while you are out, and if you have to wait for something use that time to grow, Books have a tremendous power to reshape your mind, they give massive boost to your ideas and add value to your mind.

Deep reading gives you chances to connect with some of the best thinkers, authors and philosophers in history. Remember “if you have to Start living, Start learning how to live”. To transform your life you need only one idea, which you can get directly from quality book you are going to read next. Start from now…

  • Find out Your Calling!

George Bernard Shaw was asked on his deathbed, “What would you do if you could live your life again?” He reflected and then replied “I’d like to be the person I could have been but never was.Many of us, many of us! Are going to face the same, we will never be what we want to be cause we don’t know what we want to become. A simple way to avoid this is to find out your calling, finding out things you want to do and want to become.

In a simple example, If you have chance to join military and join cause you have a chance and you don’t want to lose it, you didn’t try to find if you like to join it or not, just joined because of the chance! You don’t choose to live on your terms and will. Your job must have objectives, a cause which tends to motivate you to more and find out what calls you.

Bonus:  If you want to know what your calling is, you can use this technique, simply sit down, kill your thoughts, don’t think about anything, the thing that comes in your head while you are not concentrating on something is definitely your calling or in other words your Interest. For more refer to tiny buddha’s site.

  • See your troubles as blessings!


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You may be wondering over this head, I am also amazed why anyone saw troubles as blessings, but it had an amazing philosophy behind it. We as human spend most of our time focusing on negative things we have gone through, any now and then we try to gain some sort of sympathy by telling our pains to others.

But we forget to look on the advancements, courage, confidence and most important experience we got through those hard times. We have wisdom which we have gain from these tough times of life. Your troubles becomes your strengths by the times passes by! You have to be patience and have a positive attitude anything else just follows by.

The story of Farmer and Horse also teaches same thing, the community has nothing to do with your hard times, only you are the one who have a control over your circumstances. So, always see your troubles as blessings and thank god for such a opportunities to grow…

  • Learn to say No!

“Yes! I can”. “Ah! Not again, don’t want to do for her!” – May be depicts a real story, maybe yours!

It takes a very strong heart to say No, to any people you know even when you know you can’t say no. It’s not only your problem many of us are on same plate! The problem of this habit is simple you get filled your day with the things you don’t want to do, which are not in your to-do list and your own interest get less time and attentions.

Great peoples simply concentrate on the things they are best in, the things which are important for their own vision and perspective. Michel Jordan, A basketball Legend, he does not plan his tours, or design his dress. But primarily work on his best thing, his game which no one else can and delegates everything else to peoples. Learn to say no like highly successful propels.

Saying no is not a bad manner but many times it had been called, but trust me, once you have your own goals you merely think about anything else.

  • Take Risks

Risk’ a word that can define your life, on your deathbed the biggest regret you will have will be the regret for not taking enough risks. You don’t regret for the risks you have taken rather you will regret over the risks you have not taken!

Risks matter in our life, if you look on some of the greatest startup today they all are ordinary men/women doing extra ordinary things competing giants and growing like as economy is for them. Remember, “On the other side of fear lies freedom.”

“The tragedy of life is not death, but is what dies inside us daily” If you have an idea, an amazing plan, and a comfy dream then begin, begin it now! And the hardest thing is done! You have begun on your way to your dreams…

As Andre Gide observed, “one does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time”

  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

Steve Jobs, One of the most charismatic Leaders of history and past CEO of most valuable company Apple Inc., have these words in one of his speech. Many people assuming many different meanings from this, you can also…

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. This means be always ready to achieve more and more as much as you can think of, and never feel like you have done what you have because once you have assumed this you have no room and scope for further addition. Jobs always advocated there is more than you can take from universe, He defines, maybe I have to say redefine computing and make computers common devices.

He always believes in his vision, his passion of changing everything is so strong; he changed everything with his passion. Be like him follow your passion and intuitions to achieve like a foolish person who has only one sight, sight of your own vision.

  • Come out of Depression!

“We feel like in that state of mind where nothing can make you feel anything better.” “It is a constant state of worry.” “Something which could really conflict in your life and really limit what you can do in life.” “Whole world is turning around and you can’t do anything.”

These things we normally face while we are depressed. Depression is normal, it comes to us naturally and gives us opportunities to grow and become better version of ourselves. Below excerpt will give you some hint about why someone goes into Depression and to overcome it.

Watch this awesome Video by Video Advice

“Sometimes in your life when you are falling in, you feel like you don’t have strength to get back up. So you put mask on your face when you come to school and pretend that everything is ok when it is not and you to your home lying on your bed when no one is looking at you don’t have to impress somebody and then fear comes in your mind, you the fear when as soon as you came to the door of your house may be it is a broken home, maybe you have a down in your life maybe you are not sure what’s going to be happening in the future and it scares you maybe a word about what people think of you, what people say about you this types of fear paralyses you. I just want to ask you today! Do you think you have hood? They may ask you, do you know who you are. Do you want to know who I think you are? You cared about what your friends think you are? You cared about your friend’s opinion; you do not want to know who I am?

These line briefly describe the situation and give us a note that most of the problems are due to overthinking, be busy enough to eliminate this habit fill the time with some quality book reading, connecting with nature and family, developing new skills and most importantly setting goal plans.

  • Journey is also yours.

Many times we set objective and goals these are needed to achieved. When we achieve some goals we feel happy. But getting objectives done will not give it full meaning, while chasing these objective and goal we often get carried by rush but what’s important is to enjoy the Journey as well because when you accomplish something the reward is your forever but the journey which leads to these goals is lost in between. The Journey which had made you a better version of yourself, and you know one fact that journey is also yours in the similar way the rewards are.

While making a walk to woods, don’t just walk, get a look at everything you can this will fill your heart with feeling that what an important thing you just many times. You can explain others what they are leaving when they choose to walk with their Walkman (audio tapes).

Journey has improved you; this improvement you can’t feel but it also is a reward. So, never neglect the Journey.

  • Forgive Others.

Forgiving is a great act of courage. Mark Twain wrote that, “Forgiveness is the fragrance that violet sheds over the heel that crushed it.” Forgiveness is selfish act rather than selfless, by forgiving someone who have wronged to will relieve you from the burden of that person. By forgiving someone you can avoid thinking about him anymore and have to find new peoples who can help you.

Letting go the negativity which was bottled inside of you is a necessity and by doing so you can benefit yourself. Be selfish enough to let it go.

  • be your own Board of Directors.

This one is very impressive technique, did you know who solves the problems of a company, who take their crucial decisions obviously their Board of Directors! Now what if you have your personal team or board that solves your problems, which can give you advices, help you in taking decisions. Yes, you can get the advices of best people that are expert in their fields.

Just a simple technique, whenever you face a problem make a list of peoples who can handle these kind of situations, now think what should they have done in these situation read, learn more about them and you will become that person and you will be able to give advice to your own board of directors!

This may take time but there are people who use this, they have proven that you can think like leaders, scientists or anyone else and handle things like them.

  • Worry Less.

Worry eats you up in a matter of time, there are peoples in your circle who keeps worrying about things they just can’t control, and may you be the one who does the same! If yes, then stop immediately. Mark Twain has one awesome line to stop you, He wrote “There are many problems in my life, and some of them really happen.” The way you think, the way you think defines your potential, and if you waste you potential thinking on this waste you can’t achieve what’s your true potential.

“Don’t be a Worrier, Be a Warrior.” Focus on what you can control, not at what you can’t control, Avoid thinking about people (especially girls) who don’t think of you.

Note: Many times people look for help so they are nice to you, but it doesn’t mean they will look at you always, Help them as they are needy but don’t ever trust on them. Build trust to few; keep your circle small with less drama, more success.

  • Don’t be an Orthodox

‘Think Different’ this simple but very effective ad by Apple is proof that world is changing at fast pace, Orthodox peoples are getting out. Such example is throwing out Nokia keypad devices by Apple touch devices. And then total cover of smartphones in mobile industry.

Rousseau wrote, “Take the course opposite to custom, you will almost always do well.” If you follow crowd you will end up place you don’t want to be. Study why you do things, if you do them just because everyone else does them, you are going wrong and wasting your uniqueness. Don’t ever lower your expectations to fit into the worlds.

Unorthodox peoples from history had marked up a special place, so why not be an Unorthodox, and living on one’s own ideas is a very good idea. Make your own philosophy which will lead you to your success in life.

  • Who will Cry When You Die?

Robin Sharma is one of the bestselling authors in self-help category books, His book ‘Who will Cry When You Die’ is the book that changed lives of many including me I and I will strongly recommend his books which is one of the best books I have read yet.

This book contains 101 chapters each gives you insights and a way to solve particular problem and teach you how to live a life to its fullest. If you want to know who will cry when you die? Let me tell you one thing, think of you, you will cry most in regret of a half lived life!


  • Make Time to Worry, Don’t Worry All the Time!

‘Worry Breaks’ a term coined by Robin Sharma, changed the perspective of my life. He explains Sanskrit word for Worry is similar to funeral, and also says One burn after death (funeral) and other burns the living (worry). I hope this give you an important overview of the term worry breaks.

People tend to worry every time, even when they are busy or free, they have problems or not. They worry because they can’t solve a problem and they also worry if they don’t have any problem. Why this so? In order to stop the habit of consistent worry, Robin share a method of having specific time to worry called worry breaks’ This can significantly reduce the level of stress and anxiety. It will give you more time of peace and ultimately you can get rid of excessive worrying.

  • Music is Life!

Music is one of the best things to elevate your mind and soul rapidly, and feel better instantly. If you are feeling passive, or tired of doing something, get up and play the songs you like the most and sing along and dance with it if possible.

It’s not a joke, Music and Dance are two the most important recreational activities in our cultural of humans from olden days. If you listen music while working, it will improve your concentration power and will increase productivity.

If you have a staff which has constant work and breaks are unbearable music can do the trick in its place, it will re-energize your staff and everyone in surrounding!

  • Fake it, till you make it!

Study has shown if you pretend to, you will feel alike. If you pretend to be busy all times even when you are not you will start feeling tired and overburden! And if you pretend like genius and be active everywhere, everyone will think you are one, and you feel a confidence boost from your inside.

So, start today fake the people you want to become, till the day you become. I’m sure, at first you look like faking but I’m sure once you give this practice some time you will gain, its proven already.

These were the 16 of 32 ways, Hope you like the knowledge above, and if yes do share with you friends. The fact is we are aware about most of these, but we don’t use and apply these in real life. So, today take 4 ways and apply in your life from today and you will realize what you truly deserve and what you were chasing. To be continued…

These are taken from various sources, These includes Books and Videos which have given place in sources. If I am violating any of DMCA rules then please contact us so we can resolve the issues as soon as possible, I just want to share some the best things I have learned in past few months. I am beginner so help will be best.




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