Authored by Dimple Motwani

Govt puts 21 days Lockdown!!!

Everyone is wondering, what we will do in the coming 21 days of Lockdown. So, “Let’s think a little more about this“. There are many of the options available on which you can act upon. Those who are with family, I will congratulate them but those who are not- “no worries, you are still safe“.

As yesterday’s announcement is forcing us to stay at home. why?

Let’s do a simple calculation…

Italy surrendered that the situations now are not going to be handled there and look who is saying that, Italy which comes in 2nd position in Medical Science whereas India is not even in under 100. Now, you can get an idea of what if this happens to India, Just think about it.

Still, you are thinking that you are locked inside your home with your family, I think this is the best thing, you can have right now. Just imagine, the people who are on isolation, no one is with them, not even their families.

Maybe you have heard about “the 21 days to form a habit“.

This is the self-help book by Cosmetic Surgeon “Dr. Maxwell Maltz“, called ” Psycho-Cybernetics. A new way to Get More Out of Life”.

If you had any dream of learning something new or if you are suffering from any habit which you are not able to detach it from, these 21 days that you have either you will be a pro in achieving any good habit or you can get rid of any bad habit.

As my younger brother used to tell us how he multiplied his earnings per design he made as a graphic designer by 5 times!

Yes, you read it right, 5 Freaking times! By opting to create an artwork a day for a time duration of one month. 21 days of lockdown

He did that and where he was earning Rs. 500/Design he started charging Rs. 2500+ for a Design. All-cause he learned the business behind the design, from a simple Designer he became a skilful entrepreneur in the design field.

Believe me, it will definitely work. Check out his one month journey here:-  My Journey of Learning Adobe Illustrator


And the last idea, the most important one. Let’s live with the family, let’s play cards, houise and do more and more fun with them. So, these days that you are spending with your family will be the beautiful memories of your life.

Let’s understand, why to stay home, stay safe. So that you can spend more time with your loving ones and making them save as well.

“Stay safe, Stay home, Stay Positive, Be happy”

I hope you have got an idea of what you’re going to do with these 21 days. Share with someone who needs to know this.