Who could use some cheering up?🤔 You know, while I try to stay happy and bubbly, every now and then even sunshine needs cheering up. Life isn’t impeccable all the time, for any of us.😊 Today we will bring 7 positive quotes to get you through Hard Times. Bookmark this page if you need to and come back often to check what inspired you!

Replace all negative thought patterns and self-doubt with positive thinking and positive energy. I would scroll through social media taking in all the inspirational quotes on life I possibly could. I would read them and let the words sink in.

I would repeat them and feel them with every ounce of me. I needed to do this because our mind believes what we tell it.

Use these positive thoughts to turn negative thinking to positive action that will change your life for good. Set aside a special quiet time of the day to repeat your thoughts to yourself. Do this with clear intent, faith and belief.

17 positive quotes

Here are some of those!

1. Being positive isn’t pretending that everything is good – It’s seeing the good in everything.
2. Everything will happen for you all of a sudden and you’ll be thankful, you didn’t give up. Blessing are coming. Believe that!

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3. The secret is to believe in your dreams, in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don’t lose faith in yourself.
4. The more you praise and celebrate your life. The more there is in life to celebrate.
5. Everything you need is already inside you. Don’t wait for others to light your fire.

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6. If you focus on the hurt you will continue to suffer, if you focus on the lesson you will continue to grow.
7. Your peace is more important than driving yourself crazy thing to understand why something happened the way it did. Let it go!
8. Don’t downgrade your dreams just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.
9. Switch your mentality from
“I’m broken and helpless”
“I’m growing and healing”
And watch how your life changes, for the better.
10. Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.
11. Be so rooted in your being that nobody’s absence or presence can disturb your inner peace.
12. You are the artist of your own life. Don’t hand the paint brush to anyone else.
13. Worrying doesn’t stop bad stuff from happening. It just keeps you from enjoying the good.
14. If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hope.
15. All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point.
16. Get into the habit of asking yourself
“Does this support the life I’m trying to create”.
17. If you feel like you’re losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year and still they stand tall and wait for better days to come.

“In everyone’s life, we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy
Don’t Worry Be Happy”😇😇

We hope you liked our collection of 17 Positive Quotes, If you’re looking for any specific quotes of collection do comment it below we will surely bring it for you!

This article was authored by Diksha Jain

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