Have you seen it, Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final film as Wolverine, exceeded even the most optimistic box office predictions when it brought in an estimated $237 million (over Rs 1500 crore) in the opening weekend.

The film rages out with its over the prediction opening of $85.3 million domestically(US) and crossed $237.8 million as worldwide earning in its debut weekend. It becomes one of the biggest openers of this year, and built up with a budget of arond $97 million.

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Back in 2000, 20th Century Fox essentially kickstarted the modern comic book movie age with Bryan Singer‘s X-Men, and nearly two decades later, they seem primed to redefine the genre once more with their highly ambitious R-rated superhero adventures, which so far, have paid off tenfold.

The decision to utilize IMAX for one week only also paid off huge dividends as the film collected over $20.6 million worldwide from the premium format screens, which is the second-highest opening weekend ever for an R-rated film in IMAX, behind last year’s Deadpool.

Internationally, Logan finished #1 in 80 of 81 markets, pulling in $46.3 million from China, $11.4 million from the United Kingdom, $8.2 million from South Korea, $8.17 million from Brazil, and $7.1 million from Russia. Its total worldwide collection makes it Fox’s third-biggest opening ever overseas, behind X-Men: Days of Future Past and Avatar.

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