Happiness may not simply be a feel-good emotion, but a weapon to fight all of the negativity in the cruelty of reality. Happiness is something that we all want. Our sorrows get disappeared when someone feels happy. At Enlightenbrains We have brought 13 ways to make someone happy today!

ways to make someone happy

There are many simple ways to make someone happy!

#13 Express Gratitude: for what is too often taken for granted

There are so many things in life that we always take for granted and they deserve some recognition.

Food that your mom makes for you daily or Your dad who is working day in and day out to fulfil your wishes. Support your siblings give you or Happiness your friends bring to you with their nonsense jokes.

Its feels great when people recognize and express their gratitude for the things you do for them, give them and they get happy…

#12 Spend quality time – Maybe they are in the need of a break!

spend quality time - make someone happy-01

Many times people in busy lifestyle get distressed but assume like there’s no looking for them or checking on them. This might be true, but you can break the chain with your simple gesture of calling out someone who hasn’t met since long and asking for a walk or dine out!

Place an activity doesn’t matter much, the important thing is asking how one is doing and does he/she needs any help or wants some time off his/her work.

#11 Help out practically with advice – Maybe they have doubts you can clear off and make them happy

Often people are worried about things they are unsure about and want to get out of that uncertain mental realm. In such times, a helping hand is like a saving grace. If you find someone in such misery, try your best to provide help.

Sometimes people know all that’s needed to be know and solve their problems but they still need assurance from someone who can claim to be their support.

Be a supporter for them in their lows and they might get that little dose of dopamine at that moment!

#10 Write a Thank You Note – Written Notes are rare nowadays!

thankyou note - ways to make someone happy

Gratitude makes us a better person and thankyou creates a sense of achievement for a person who has helped another. There are times when words can’t define what you feel and speaking is hard, Writing plays a vital role at the time.

A simple note written as Thank you works like charm to bring a smile on someone’s face and make them happy.

Written notes are of high value nowadays due to their rare use, so Its the best time to use your creativity!

#9 Give Them Something – Not in Monetary Sense!!

Giving something to someone you love has the potential to make them very happy, especially when it is something that you know they want, no matter how little it is.

Our brains create a sense of belongingness with an article and make it a remembrance to that person. That feeling of belongingness sometimes brings a wide smile on the receiver’s face and gives them joy.

“The feeling by which you give a gift is more important than the gift you’re giving itself”

#8 Offer Encouragement: People wants to be encouraged!

appreciate - ways to make someone happy

Do you know a friend who wants to accomplish a big goal in life? Tell them that you believe they can do it and offer your support.

This world is already filled with so many critics who are ready to criticise you every time you get wrong. Be an encourager and in free time offer whatever help you can, It will trigger their belongingness towards you makes them happier.

#7 Smile: Simplest Way to make someone happy!

smile - ways to make someone smile-01

You won’t be spreading positivity if you are not showing the positivity in yourself! Smile more. Smile to everyone. Let them know that you are happy, and you want them to be happy as well.

Sometimes happen a random stranger’s smile can influence your whole mood and can make you happy. Try to become that stranger to everyone you meet.

#6 Make People Laugh: Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is one of the best representations of how happy you are so it’s great to make people laugh.

Laughing helps in forgetting the pain and traumas one is going through and in turn, makes them happy for a nick of time.

But for a person in pain, one such free laughter can be a part of his/her breakthrough moment.

#5 Be a Good Listener: Listening can reduce stress up to 36% for a person

listen patiently - ways to make someone happy

Do you know someone who is having a really hard time? Ask them if they would like to talk about it and listen without judgment or interruption. Sometimes the greatest gift we can offer is silence and understanding.

Listening to someone without judgement and then offering additional support is fundamental to healing. One needs someone to listen to what one’s heart and mind is filled with so that he can move past it.

#6 Put Other People First: Being a priority feels great

As soon as you walk inside from work, hug your children, kiss your partner, and/or rub your dog’s belly. These people have missed you all day, so express your love to them before you do anything for yourself.

Making people happy is simple if you know what they are, no matter what people should be treated as first priority and they will be much happier than you can think by such a simple gesture.

#5 Recognize Their Needs: if you see that someone is feeling lonely, then you can reach out and talk to them.

This requires some emotional intelligence, and it is a powerful way to make other people happy. If you can recognize how other people are feeling or what they are likely thinking, then you can do things to make them happy.

For instance, if you see that someone is feeling lonely, then you can reach out and talk to them.

Many times people fall short of asking for what they are lacking or desperately need, making sudden moves in their favour can help them a lot!

#4 Make Them Feel Useful: Everyone has some skills or others.

If someone is feeling down, they are not feeling very good about themselves. If you can make them feel useful, then you can improve their perception of themselves and help them feel happier.

Everyone is good at something, encouraging their skills, acknowledging their hard work and reminding them what great stuff they have achieved can bring their mood up and can make then happier.

#3 Praise them publicly: Give a sincere compliment

prasie in public - ways to make someone happy enlightenbrains-01

Everyone feels good when they hear good things about themselves. Compliments make us feel valued, and they give us a positive boost to our thoughts and self-esteem.

Praising people in public and correcting them in private is another solid tactic used by the corporate world.

#2 Speak Kind Words: Kindness uplifts mood and make people happy

Send a text, email, or Facebook comment to a friend just to say they are a wonderful person and you are thankful that they are a part of your life.

Kindness is the number one gesture that fills every part of the world with happiness, being kind not only make others happy but make one kind fell fulfilled inside too…

#1 Be there when they’re in need: You must do this!


From time to time people need support, someone to talk or just someone who sits with them. It isn’t something fancy they need, they just need someone to be there when they’re in need of someone.

You can be that person for them and it will make them happy every time they will meet you.

This article was authored by Shreya Jain

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