“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everyone’s heart” – Anthony J.D.

The life you’re living, we all are living a paced up life and the speed with make us vibrant also make us stressed. In the state where everybody gets stressed very quickly, be someone dealing it with art of smiling.

Don’t just smile yourself, spread it out out to this world. The world will smile with you too, if you make someone smile, he will make someone other smile too, Your Smile is Contagious… 

Smile while you read further… And do share if we made you smile to…

You might be thinking why a smile, not money or something more valuable ? Have a look upon some facts about grinding your teeth…

  • Smiling can reduce the blood pressure person smiling, hence reducing stress.
  • Smiling spread itself, its contagious.
  • Smiling releases endorphin, those hormone which make us feel good and lighter.
  • Smiling can immediately lower others’ anger, jealousy, envy etc most of the times.
  • When you forget or missed someone from a person, you can give a smile as a silent apology.

Enough reason to make you smile and other to, so how you are going to make someones day better, Lets us start with 13 Ways to be the reason of someone’s smile….


Have you every dislike someone making you laugh with a good (or bad) joke, just know the sense of humor level of the person and Crack one Joke, and there comes a smile hidden on the stressed face.


Today people tend to appreciate you in you front but will back stab you at the same time. Genuine appreciation has lost a place because of some greedy peoples, be someone different, encourage others and appreciate one’s efforts genuinely and see a smile break through their hears.


Technology has give us so much, connect everyone you want with few clicks and taps. But the warmth we get from someones touch is yet non-shareable on these mediums. Go ahead and write your feelings on a piece of paper, use your own language, no auto correct, just a bliss of your hand. And here it is reward a Smile.


Buy a gift to someone! Smile is guaranteed. It doesn’t need to be big or great or something like that cost thousands of bucks, cause gift is valued not by its price by the feelings you give it through to someone.



This sounds a bit awkward here as how someone smile when you only listen to him. Don’t be confused, sometimes a person need you just to listen him/her, that’s all he/she might want but often get no one to speak to. Be that one listen with patience, this will make their better.


How long you have not been sit together and talked nicely over a meal? There’s something so peaceful and comfortable about sharing a nice meal together. Ordering different items and sharing each other’s food is even better.


So, you got some good old memories with him/her. Have a photograph, use a bit of technology. Edit that pic with some app on your smartphone and send it to the person. There is something mysterious with photographs they keep us young and make us relive past again and again.


While everybody is moving ahead, doing this great thing, earning crores, serving millenniums, Staying on path becomes so rare that everyone is rushing the end, to reach there as soon as possible. I Say “Take a break”, observe look at someone who not good, merely looking will give you goosebumps, what we are leaving behind? Take yourself a bit to be relax, Smiley :-)!


If someone is ill and not good, bring flowers to cheer them up!

If someone is angry over you, bring flowers to calm them down!

If someone going down in their life, bring flowers to uplift them!

FLOWERS, just make every moment perfect, a smiling face is pretty sure result!


Apart from appreciation, saying thanks to them who gives their time to you, make you who you’re give them the importance they deserve! You smile when you get marks you have work for, Right?


Do you know how much crap people who work in a service-related job must deal with? Rude people and bad tips – enough said. If someone does a good job, leave a little extra. You may just make their day.


Do you know, we continuously hunt for uplifting content so you guys can learning someting new everyday, take couple of minutes to share this post, and sure you will spread our purpose too.


Easiest yet hard to do thing. Smiling always be it sorrow or a bad day, maintaining your smile is hard but not impossible. Smile and spread it to others.

Hope you like the article, may this help you! Do share so that everybody around you know about what you read and let the good thing more people.

Thanks for reading guys 🙂