You may be facing 100’s of problems in this one moment, Family Issues, Relationship Issues, Career Issues, Health Issues, Study Issues, Friends Issues and many more..

Now here is an good inspirational story for you.
This is an story of a small boy named Harland. His parents have too many expectations from him.
But at the age of 5, he lost his father.
At the age if 17, he left his studies and was fired from 4 jobs.
At 19, he became father, but in the same year his son died.
At 21, his wife and 2 small daughters left him.
After few years, he worked in a Construction company, but again same thing happened.      He left Army and didn’t even became lawyer.
Again after few years, he started a new business, but it was also flop.
At the age of 40, he started selling chicken near a petrol pump. He then expanded his business.
But after 10 years, his shop was destroyed by fire.
At 62, he again started the same business of selling fried chicken, and this time the business gave him super profits.

Guess what was the name of his enterprise?
Kentucky Fried Chicken – KFC.
Today KFC is 9 billion dollars company.


Moral – Difficulties will come thousands of time, you may be unsuccessful hundreds of time, but Never give Up. Decide your goal, take lakhs of efforts to achieve it, you will surely get success.

This was a short story may you like to read more:

Thanks for reading, hope you do well in next week, Stay hungry, Read more and share with love.




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