The world is in the panic state right now, amidst the Coronavirus Crisis everybody is talking about it and how badly it is affecting our lives. Still, there is a saying that everything happens for good, we might not see it but there is something good happening around us which we often forget to notice when in a panic state.

At Enlightenbrains We have bought 10 positive things of staying at home does, we hope it brings things into a good perspective at least for those who are at their homes reading this.

10 positive things of staying at home do

  • we have saved lakhs of litres of fuels while we aren’t out for a ride.
  • the sky seems clearer, we have temporarily paused the generation of air pollution and smog clouds up there
  • we have given the much-needed space and time for the nature to heal itself and us
  • we have slept a few extra hours and woke up without worrying about our daily schedules. Oh, let’s not forget the mini panic attacks we get due to alarms in the morning.
  • we actually are spending quality time with family and encouraging friends to stay safe.

10 things staying at home

  • we have developed a habit of keeping a check on the latest news and staying updated with the world.
  • we have become self-conscious about cleanliness, hygiene and probably have time to recollect forgotten hobbies
  • we have realized that health is wealth and prevention is far better than cure.
  • the annoying honking noises have been replaced with birds chirping, trees waiving and leaves rattling
  • we have all become superheroes and are praying, offering gratitude to everyone around us.

10 things staying at home


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